Welcome to our life, our adventure!

I decided to start this blog because our friends say, “you guys should start a channel or write a book!” This blog is a great place to find travel tips, inspirations, foodie stuff, laughs, good vibes, and tourist reviews. We love, love to road-trip our beautiful planet. We also love to eat. If you like food and travel, you may like what this blog is about, if not, you may want to keep scrolling! 😊

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We are a family of 3 who absolutely love exploring and learning. We have always been travelers and road-trippers. We consider ourselves quite nomadic. We love to explore worldly places, immerse ourselves in unique cultures, and experience new cuisines. Our most recent escapade was a 5,000 mile road trip from Alaska to South Carolina with a 10 week old infant! I joke that we have street cred! We spend a lot of time on the road!

We are currently working on a road-tripping guide and a few books for the kiddos! Please stay tuned and we hope you enjoy our adventures as much as we do!

The Moore Family